• Algebra Survival Guide & Workbook — 2nd Edition

    Algebra Survival Guide & Workbook — 2nd Edition

    If you think algebra has to be boring, confusing and unrelated to anything in the real world, think again. Written in an engaging question-answer format with step-by-step instructions and helpful practice problems, it’s like having your own private algebra tutor. Real-life analogies and cartoons make understanding algebra a snap… The Algebra Survival Guide 2nd Edition […]

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    Academic Tutoring K-12

    Private tutoring for math, essay writing and reading K-12.

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    ACT/SAT Tutoring

    Private Tutoring For: ACT/SAT/pSAT/SAT Math Subject Tests

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    SAT/ACT Courses

    SAT/ACT Prep Courses Get the scores you need

SAT or ACT? That is the question!

Common Myths about the ACT and the SAT Students (and their parents) often struggle over which college entrance exam to take, the ACT or the SAT. Before you make a decision, it’s important to understand some common myths about the two tests, and conduct a reality check! Myth #1: If a student has good grades, […]