Conquering Mixture Problems — Practice

In my last two blogs I showed how to solve mixture problems. So now I want to give you some practice, so you can become an expert at solving these kinds of problems.

The answers will be stated in the next blog.

1.  Kendra starts with 10 liters of a 40% antifreeze solution. How many liters of pure antifreeze would she need to add to end up with a mixture that is 60% antifreeze?

2.  Keith the chemist has a mixture that is 25 quarts of 20% Boric Acid. How many quarts of 70% Boric Acid would Keith need to add to end up with a mixture that is 50% Boric Acid?

3.  Erin has a 2-liter mixture that is 15% alcohol. How much pure alcohol would she need to add to it to end up with a solution that is 40% alcohol?

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