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Everyone Wins When Teachers Listen

As teachers we sometimes miss interesting, candid comments students make. Paying more attention to what students say adds life to our classrooms and highlights interesting ideas. Sometimes the most important thing a teacher can do is listen carefully and reflect back what students are saying. We forget how important this is, but it is helpful […]


November 2008 Problem of the Month: finding an alternative way to represent a number using nothing more than a few candles. Use number theory and flexible thinking to find a way to show the number. There’s a prize for the person who answers most quickly.

Place Value Metaphor

During the summer I get to tutor a lot of elementary age students, remediating them on the basics. Almost invariably I find that these students are confused about PLACE VALUE, and considering how critical this concept is to all of math, I decided to write this post. Whenever I have the least suspicion that a […]