Author Submissions

 How to Become a Singing Turtle Author

 Note: We publish supplemental math eBooks for K-12 and beyond

 Our Mission

We aim to create a stress-free, math learning zone for every student, especially for those struggling with math phobia, language barriers or learning differences. For too many people, k-12 and beyond, studying math triggers confusion and anxiety.  Our products address the pressing needs of struggling math students, giving them the tools and confidence they need to succeed. We like to spice up our products with a little humor and a little playfulness, so students have fun as they learn.

What We’re Looking For (We don’t expect your book to contain every criterion!)

  •  Conversational Language — we try to stay away from textbook jargon that’s overly dry, obscure or abstract.
  •  A sense of humor and/or a playful tone
  •  Multi-sensory approaches — illustrations, cartoons, charts, graphs, hands on activities, songs, games (We look for games that help students learn and explore concepts rather than just reinforcing concepts through rote practice.)
  •  Practice problems with answers included, or other means of evaluation.
  •  Analogies or stories that relate everyday experiences to math concepts.

To get a sense of the kind of books we’re looking for, please review sample chapters of the Algebra Survival Guide and Card Game Roundup posted on this site.

 Submission Guidelines

  •  Send a cover letter describing your book, your qualifications for writing it and your intended audience. Describe at least two other products that are similar and explain how yours is unique. Tell us how the book aligns with the Singing Turtle mission statement.
  •  Send a current resume.
  •  Send a detailed chapter-by-chapter outline and at least two sample chapters.
  •  You may send a completed manuscript is you have one (make sure to send a copy and not the original).

 What We Can Do For You

Our titles are distributed by Midpoint Trade Books and are carried by several major eBookstores including:, Barnes & Noble, Borders (eStore), Sony,


We will send a postcard upon receipt of your packet, and we’ll let you know if we decide to publish your product within three months.

Mail your submissions to:


Singing Turtle Press

942 Vuelta del Sur

Santa fe, NM 87507