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Turtle Talk: Helping Students “Get” Math

Turtle Talk

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MATH INFO, brought to you by Josh, author of the
ever-popular Algebra Survival Guide and the
highly entertaining PreAlgebra Blastoff! math comic
book and instruction manual.

FYI, the sample issue of Turtle Talk includes:

* A video on how to how to find the LCM — fast!
* Tips on solving those aggravating word problems with “friendly numbers”
* A Problem of the Month on primes and the number 12
We don’t always include a Problem of the Month, but if we do, the first person to send in the correct answer will receive a 50% discount on up to $50 of Singing Turtle products. We’ll post the name of the first 3 people who get this right on the Singing Turtle Facebook Page.


Concentrating During A Test


Our brand new ACT/SAT SUCCESS newsletter is dedicated to helping parents and students navigate the landscape of the two main college entrance exams, the SAT and the ACT, as well as the PSAT — also known as the Nation Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test.

ACT/SAT SUCCESS articles are brought to you by Josh and Kathy, and they’re based on our many years of experience teaching and coaching students to success on these critical exams.

Josh, author of the Algebra Survival program and longtime SAT/ACT coach, will focus primarily on the math and science sections of the tests.

Kathy, a licensed New Mexico teacher with Reading and ESL endorsements, and her own years of experience with the tests, will focus on the language arts sections.

We know that parents and students have many questions about these tests, and we will try to anticipate and answer as many of those questions as we can.

In addition to sharing our info, we invite you to share your questions and comments, too. Through this interaction, we look forward to building a community of students, parents, teachers and tutors who are gaining the skill and knowledge for mastering these important tests.

You can email us at: ,

or post to our Singing Turtle Facebook page.