Algebra Survival Workbook, 2nd Edition


Thousands of practice problems to help students master algebra!


Algebra Survival Workbook — Second Edition

Thousands of extra practice problems
104 pages, all answers included

Author: Josh Rappaport
Illustrator: Sally Blakemore

The Algebra Survival Workbook, 2nd Edition — your tool for algebra mastery.

The 2nd Edition Workbook has been expanded with a new section on advanced word problems. This section presents story problems that dovetail with the new 62-page chapter in the second edition Algebra Survival Guide.

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It’s the perfect pair. The Algebra Survival Guide provides the instruction, and the Workbook provides thousands of practice problems. Till May 31, you can get both books at a great discount.

“Alg. Survival” Program, 2nd Ed. DISCOUNT!

MORE GOOD NEWS! The Workbook can be used to supplement ANY algebra text because its problem sets are organized by topic.

The Algebra Survival Workbook provides practice problems on all of these concepts:

— Properties of Numbers
— Sets of Numbers
— Positive and Negative Numbers
— Order of Operations
— Like Terms
— Absolute Value
— Exponent Rules
— Radical Rules
— the Factoring Process
— Rules for Canceling
— Solving Equations
— The Coordinate Plane
— Beginning Algebra Word Problems
— Advanced Algebra Word Problems

All answers are provided in the book’s back pages, for easy grading. And every problem set features a percentage box, for easy scoring. The pages are perforated, so students may tear out and turn in their assignments.

The problem sets of the Workbook dovetail with the one-page lessons in the award-winning Algebra Survival Guide.

Algebra Survival Guide, 2nd Ed. DISCOUNT!

Teachers or parents use the Workbook’s pages for concept checks, homework assignments, quizzes and tests. Students like the problem sets because each one focuses on just one concept. That helps students practice concepts without feeling overwhelmed.

The Algebra Survival Guide and Workbook create an unbeatable pair of books for algebra instruction and practice.

Get your copy of the Workbook today!


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