Algebra Survival Guide, 2nd Edition


With a new 62-page chapter devoted to advanced word problems!


Algebra Survival Guide — Second Edition

Step-by-step explanations of the trickiest algebra topics
Brand new 60-page chapter on advanced story problems!
Hundreds of practice problems
352 pages

Author: Josh Rappaport
Illustrator: by Sally Blakemore

Why buy the “Algebra Survival” Guide?

Believe it or not, students actually enjoy reading the Algebra Survival Guide. Many students dread algebra because they feel lost and confused. The Guide is designed to ensure students understand what they’re doing, transforming a bad experience into a positive one. Here’s how …

  • The author’s respectful, understanding tone, puts students at ease. When students feel comfortable, they just think better!
  • Conversational language and real-life analogies make abstract concepts easy to understand.
  • One-concept-per-page approach ensures students fully “get” each idea before moving on. By fully understanding foundational concepts, students are ready and able to tackle trickier concepts.
  • Educational cartoons not only lighten the mood, but also give students a visual way to comprehend and remember information.
  • Hundreds of practice problems lead students towards algebra mastery.

This powerful program works its magic on even the most algebra-averse students!


 “There’s something fairly awesome about handing your kid an algebra textbook in the middle of the summer and having him sit with it for over an hour muttering things like, ‘This is SO COOL!’ He likes it so much, he wants to take it with us on vacation.”
— B. de Heron, Amazon review


Watch the video to learn how this book, combined with the Algebra Survival Workbook, creates a complete Algebra Learning Program.

Click on the PDF just below to see sample pages from both the new Survival Guide and the Algebra Survival Workbook.

“Algebra Survival” Program – GeneralASG2, ASW2

To complete the instructional program, get the Second Edition Algebra Survival Workbook. The revised Workbook contains thousands of additional practice problems on the same lessons that are in the Guide, and it now includes hundreds of problems on the advanced algebra word problems, too.

Purchase the Algebra Survival Workbook — 2nd Edition for thousands of additional practice problems!
The cartoons in the Survival Guide not only provide well-deserved comic relief for math learners, they also offer a visual way to grasp algebra’s challenging abstractions. Example: The cartoon below illustrates a real-world mixture problem by showing different percent concentrations of paint.

Finished Spit Fire


With all of these features, the Second Edition Algebra Survival Guide is ideal for homeschoolers, tutors and students striving for algebra excellence.

The Second Edition also aligns with the current Common Core State Standards for Math, so it’s ideal for today’s teachers, as well. Its 12 other content chapters tackle the trickiest topics of algebra:

Properties of Numbers, Sets of Numbers, Positive & Negative Numbers, Order of Operations, Like Terms, Absolute Value, Exponents, Radicals, Factoring, Cancelling, Solving Equations, the Coordinate Plane, and Word Problems.

The Second Edition Algebra Survival Guide is available at, through, and through bookstores nationwide.



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