ONLINE CLASS: Dive Deep into PreAlgebraic Thinking


The “Dive Deep” ONLINE CLASS prepares students for the new demands of a PreAlgebra curriculum. PreAlgebra, with its variables, equations, and other abstract notions, challenges children to think in a more conceptual way than did arithmetic. Many students, finding the new concepts “over their head,” tune out and merely memorize PreAlgebraic procedures. The “Dive Deep” ONLINE CLASS keeps students “in the game” by guiding them along a gentle bridge from arithmetic thinking to the new abstract thought processes of PreAlgebra and higher math in general.

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PreAlgebra is  the gateway to Algebra and all higher math. So it couldn’t be a more critical course.

Unfortunately though, PreAlgebra’s abstract nature makes many students so confused that they end up memorizing its procedures rather than understanding them. And this lack of understanding often leads students to dislike PreAlgebra and higher math in general.

But a new online class solves this problem before it even starts. In the “Dive Deep” class, designed for PreAlgebra-ready students, children cross a gentle conceptual bridge from their familiar concrete arithmetic concepts to the new, unfamiliar, abstract algebraic concepts.

Teenage boys and girls with backpacks walking on bridge in forest

To  walk across this bridge, students play games and solve puzzles. In so doing, they explore PreAlgebra’s abstractions in a fun, engaging, non-threatening way.

Each of the class’ six sessions delves into one of six, key PreAlgebra topics, which are 1) balancing equations, 2) use of the variable, 3) functions, 4) patterning, 5) sequences, and 6) mental algebra.

In each one-hour session, students will explore one of these topics in an “Algebra Wilderness” SURVIVAL environment.

Example: during the PATTERNING session, students will learn to identify and distinguish visual and numeric patterns. And they’ll do this in the SURVIVAL milieu of distinguishing dangerous vs friendly beasts on the savannah.

Here’s an example of a visual patterning problem:

visi pattern scan

© Pattern Explorer, Level 2, by Darin Beigie, by The Critical Thinking Co. (2016).

And here’s an example of a numeric patterning problem:

flow along scan

© Groundworks, Key Curriculum Press, by Creative Publications (1998).

To keep the instruction accessible for all, each class will have, at most, 10 students. And teaching materials will be available at a range of difficulty so each child is challenged at his/her appropriate level.

Using the FREE “Zoom” video-conferencing program, students will split into groups to work on problems, then return to the main group to report findings. So the class will be highly interactive as well.

The teacher is a homeschooling father, master teacher, math tutor, and author of five books on math, including the Parents Choice award-winning Algebra Survival Guide and PreAlgebra Blastoff! … but most important, an all-around “fun, friendly guy.”

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Students who enroll should have a solid grasp of the arithmetic facts and skills used in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of WHOLE NUMBERS. Mastery of fractions and decimals is NOT required for this course.

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