SFCC ACT Practice Test

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ACT Practice Test


ACT Practice Test at
Santa Fe Community College

Why take a practice test?

1) Familiarizing students with the ACT
lowers stress levels and boosts scores.

2) Taking a practice test identifies
problem areas, so students know which
subject areas require additional study.

Pay today to guarantee your child’s spot in the course.

10-student minimum, so spread the word!

When paying for the class, you will see a place to write
“Additional Information.” Please write down the
name and grade level of your child. Thanks.

LOCATION: SFCC (room to be announced later)

DATE: March 21

TIME: 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. (With short breaks)

COST: $59.95 + tax


CONTACT INFO: Email or call Kathy at 505/690-4478

If you  want to take both the Practice Test and the Two-Day ACT Course … and receive a $20 discount, go to the product page that offers both items or click here:

Practice Test and Course

ACT Practice Test Class Overview:

  •  Students take all four sections of the ACT exam: English, reading, math & science.
  • ACT exam proctored by Josh and Kathy Rappaport, longtime Santa Fe educators.
  • We help students score their tests during the class.



Students need to buy The Official ACT Prep Guide, either the 2016-2017 edition or the 2018 Edition. Purchase it from — or anyplace you can get it. Both editions contain the same practice tests, so just buy the cheaper one or the one that is delivered more quickly!

We use the The Official ACT Prep Guide during our prep course because it offers actual (retired) ACT tests as practice tests. The Official ACT Prep Guide includes the latest changes made to the reading and science sections of the ACT, as well as the new timed essay. 

Official ACT Prep Guide

Contact Info:
Call Kathy at 505/690-4478 or email
Josh and Kathy also provide one-on-one tutoring
for the ACT/SAT and Academic Subjects.

 Reviews About Our Services

“Dear Josh and Kathy: I wanted to thank you for working
with us to offer ACT/SAT Prep classes through us.
I think it is wonderful when students from a variety of schools
can come together to work on improving test-taking skills.
Our students have always enjoyed
your classes and felt that they were very helpful.
I appreciate your thoughtful approach,
which gives them excellent service but does not hype the anxiety.
We want you to continue with us every year!”

– Anne Salzmann, Santa Fe, NM —
Head of SchoolThe MASTERS Program
Early College Charter High School


Thank you so much. Not only did my daughter clearly benefit from your class
– but she also enjoyed it. 
She thanked me in the car for signing her up!! 

— Anne, Parent, Santa Fe, NM


“Thank you for coming to Monte del Sol to teach us about the ACT.
I find it very helpful; there are so many things
that I would have just overlooked if I were to just take the test.
So thank you for the opportunity to do better and be better.”

— Indira Poole, Student, NM

“Unlike some test-prep tutors, Josh and Kathy approach each student individually
— no “one size fits all” — and really help them figure out their best methodology.
They also help the typically “test-phobic” students become more confident
in their often very intuitive style, and again, the ‘proof is in the pudding’:
Even more important is that Josh and Kathy genuinely like kids,
and their care and concern for each child they work with is felt by each student.”
— Dr. Whitney Laughlin, longtime college counselor,
British Columbia, Canada.
Dr. Laughlin counsels students
across the United States and Canada

“Thank you so much again for the help and support you and Kathy both gave to
my daughter. I have no doubt that her ACT score helped solidify
her application and there is no way she could have done that without you.
As I said before, your help was effective but also enjoyable.”

 — John Stevenson, Toronto, Canada ________________________________________________________

“Thank you so much. The tutoring definitely helped.
I couldn’t have done it without you,
going from a composite 28 to a composite 32!”

— Emi Hasegawa, Student, CO ________________________________________________________

“Working with Josh was a wonderful experience.  
I received the help I needed in a friendly and professional manner,
which helped raise my ACT scores to a competitive level.”

— X. Majorrav, Student, NM ________________________________________________________

I got my ACT score back and I got a 32. I want to thank you
both so much. 
I got a 33 in English and Reading and a 31 in Math and Science
and I scored a 10 on my essay. 
I am really happy with my results
and would like to thank both of you for all of your work!

— Phoebe Brown, Toronto, Canada 
I just got my scores back for my ACT, and I got an overall 28.
I am very pleased. Thank you both for all your help!
I couldn’t have gotten this score without your help.

— M. Piazza, Student, British Columbia, Canada


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