New GEOMETRY Product on Horizon

Hi everyone,

Josh here with an announcement.

Singing Turtle Press is poised to come out with a new product. It will be an eBook that I have written, and it deals with geometry and geometric figures.

Math is Cool!

This eBook makes a lot of use of color in teaching geometric concepts and figures. I have found the use of color a very handy tool for differentiating concepts in math education in general, and in geometry in particular.

I have two requests for comments to this post:

1)  Would anyone like to guess how I have used color in Geometry in this upcoming eBook?

2)  Would anyone like to share ways that you have used color in Geometry in your own teaching?

It would be fun and interesting to hear some of your ideas on these topics. Just add a comment to this post, or send an email to:

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One Response to “New GEOMETRY Product on Horizon”

  1. Angela Hatchett says:

    Josh, I cannot thank you enough!!!! I am home schooling two of my granddaughters. Even though I had already bought a couple of books to teach algebra they just were not clear enough and algebra has never been one of my strong points. When I came across your Algebra Survival Guide and Workbook at I immediately ordered them! They both started the books this week and are really loving them! I’m even able to get a better grasp on algebra now. The books are so easy to learn from and really appeal to both teens. Their first questions were: “Does he have a book like this to help us learn geometry?” We can’t wait until your ebook comes out, but we really wish you’d consider making it a “paper” book and workbook like the Algebra Survival Guide. Thanks again from all three of us (and their parents!).