Problem of the Month – January 2013

Twelve is the first number with two pairs of factors (2 x 6 and 3 x 4). Primes, on the other hand, have no pairs of factors other than the trivial pair of one and the prime number itself. Considering that contrast, here’s an interesting fact about primes and the number 12.

Add 12 to a prime, and you often get another prime.

For all of the primes from 1 = 100, what are the chances that when you add 12, the sum is another prime? Express your answer as a ratio, decimal or percent.

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2 Responses to “Problem of the Month – January 2013”

  1. Dacula says:

    I need a math curriculum that is 1.) play/exploration-based, and 2.) does not reuiqre a teacher who is mathematical. I am sadly stunted from my own math schooling and thus can only recently look at numbers without getting shallow breathing. I am committed to not passing on my math aversion to my kids.We used the Math U See curriculum for a while. It was pretty good in that it used a number of ways to teach math concepts, (creative explanations, visual, manipulatives) but still based in repetition and worksheets and we stopped using it when my kid argued about doing it. What I liked about it was the DVDs that taught the parent how to talk about math. For me that was helpful. I always worry that my teaching methods are doing more harm than good.Anymore, we just try to talk about math concepts that we encounter in life, but honestly I am ill-equipped to do a good enough job at this.Cooking, legos, and board games are about all we have right now. My 10 year old is taking up Dungeons and Dragons, so I am hopeful that there will be opportunity there.I have been trying to get some other folks who are interested in math teaching to start a math lab sort of thing where homeschoolers could get together and do math play together, with facilitation from someone who knows more than I do.Your curriculum is something I would be most definitely interested in. I have not found one I could live with yet.

    • admin says:

      Hello. I do think that you would find the Algebra Survival program that I have put together quite effective for your children. It’s conversational enough so that parents can re-learn the material as they take their kids through it. And it’s clear enough so that both the parents and the students will understand it. Most people tell me that they find this is the first math book that their children will actually READ on their own. To me, that says it all.