ASG 2nd Edition is HERE!

The 2nd Edition of the Algebra Survival Guide is finally here!

Check out the cover:

ASG 2nd Edition is HERE!

ASG 2nd Edition is HERE!

And here’s a video that tells all about the Second Edition:

And just below is the PDF with sample pages from the 2nd Edition.

Quick Guide to the PDF:

pp. 1 – 6 ….. Intro & Front Matter, including an Intro Note to the Second Edition.

pp. 7 – 13 …. Pages from first part of Second Edition.

pp. 14 – 21 …. Pages from the Second Edition’s new chapter on Advanced Algebra Word Problems

pp. 22 – 27 …  Common Core Alignment, Glossary, Index.

pp. 38 – 34 … Pages from the Algebra Survival Workbook

ASP PDF (General audience)


And here is the back cover.

ISBN# 978-0-98-463819-2

Back Cover for the Second Edition of the Algebra Survival Guide

When you get the Second Edition, make sure you also get the Algebra Survival Workbook, which goes along with it. The Guide provides the instruction, and the Workbook provides thousands of additional practice problems.

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