GCF of 2 Numbers, Trick Finds it Fast

Ever need to find the GCF of two numbers?

Here’s a trick for finding the GCF of any two numbers — very quickly. This is an original trick, so I doubt you’ll find it anywhere else online. But most important, it’s easy to use, and it works no matter how large the numbers might be.

Also nice … learning this trick boosts your “number sense,” that hard-to-define but palpable grasp of “how numbers work.” Developing “number sense” is key to getting good at math, so you’ll want to learn this trick — and other math tricks I share, too — to boost your facility with numbers.

At the end of the video I put up some practice problems so that you can test your own skill at using the trick. That way you can make sure you understand it, and then you can start putting it to use.

One other thing to know … learning how to find the GCF is very useful. You need to use the GCF when you reduce fractions. The GCF is the number that divides numerator and denominator to get the fraction down to lowest terms.

You also use the GCF to factor polynomials in algebra. You take it out the when you factor a polynomial if you are using the technique of “factor the GCF.”

So in addition to learning a nice trick here, you’ll be learning a highly useful trick!

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