ACT/SAT Myths — True or False? Myth #1

Students (and their parents) often struggle over which college entrance exam to take,
the ACT or the SAT. Before you make a decision, it’s important to understand some
common myths about the two tests, and conduct a reality check!

Myth #1: If a student has good grades, s/he will do great on the ACT or the SAT. The
student really doesn’t even need to study.

girl don't want to study and learn she is pushing away from herself a stack of books

REALITY: Good grades mean that a student does well at the challenges of
school. And while the ACT and the SAT are based on school learning, success
at school does not guarantee that a student:

A) will recall — ALL the info that’s on the ACT or SAT tests. [Remember: these
tests cover multiple years of schooling, not just one year.], or that

B) has learned the test-taking skills necessary for doing well on the ACT or SAT:
testing time-management, process of elimination, “intelligent stumbling,” strategic
guessing, etc.

Singing Turtle tutors make sure that students learn (or re-learn) the critical
information they’ll have to call upon, and that students learn and repeatedly
practice the test-taking skills they’ll need to use on test day.

We use Skype to tutor students all across the U.S. and Canada, and we have
experience working with special needs students.


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