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Algebra Survival Guide Algebra Survival Workbook Set

First, check out our intro video,
in which Josh describes:

a)  why he created the Algebra Survival program and ways that schools use it (start to 1:54), and

b)  the 10 features that make this program a great teaching tool (1:55 to end).

Skills and Concepts
that the Algebra Survival Program Teaches

Shorter OVERVIEW OF TOPICS Covered by the Algebra Survival Program.

Longer, More Detailed OVERVIEW OF TOPICS.

TEN WAYS your school can use
the Algebra Survival Program

1. FULL CURRICULUM:  Depending on your course requirements, the ASP may fulfill all needs for one or more of your math courses, primarily PreAlgebra or Algebra 1.

2. PLUG-IN CURRICULUM:  Does your basal curriculum’s treatment of factoring trinomials confuse your kids? Pull out the ASP’s approach to let children learn in our “step-by-careful-step” way.

3.  CHALLENGE for ADVANCED STUDENTS:  Students primed for work above grade level can begin learning algebra using the ASP. Since the program is self-paced, students can learn with little to no help from the instructor.

4.  REMEDIATION:  Students who are behind can catch up with the ASP. Just let students know which sections of the Guide and Workbook to complete and watch students catch themselves up!

5.  SUPPORT for STUDENTS WHO’VE MISSED LESSONS:  Students who’ve had brief or extended absences can get caught up with the ASP. Assign the work, and let students catch themselves up.

6.  HELP for ENGLISH LANGUAGE LEARNERS:  With its down-to-earth, conversational prose, the ASP works great with ELL students. Used as a stand-alone or in conjunction with a basal, the ASP presents algebra without the high-brow textbook-ese that intimidates and confuses ELL students.

7.  TEACHER TRAININGS / ONGOING TEACHER SUPPORT: The ASP gives teachers new ways to make algebra’s abstractions more concrete. It also provides easy-to-teach, step-by-step instructions for algebra’s procedures.

8.  TOOLS for TUTORING PROGRAMS:   Schools with in-school tutoring programs make the ASP as a vital part of their program for PreAlgebra and Algebra.

9.  INCREASED PARENTAL SUPPORT:  The ASP is the ideal program for helping parents re-learn algebra. Once parents recall those forgotten Xs and Ys, they can more effectively help their own children with algebra.

10. SUMMER PROGRAMS:  Schools offering summer intro-to-algebra camps or math programs use the ASP to introduce students to the subject in a non-threatening — even fun — way!

With so many ways to use the ASP,
there’s no way to go wrong!


Algebra Survival Guide Sampler

Student Workbook Sampler

Teacher’s Grading Guide Sampler

Testimonials by Administrators & Teachers

“The Algebra Survival Guide and the Algebra Survival Guide Workbook are being used by our ENTIRE DISTRICT, and the teachers love it! It uses a student-friendly format that takes the fear out of learning algebra.”
— Susan Metcalfe of the Pasadena (TX) Independent School District 

“The Memphis City Schools purchased Algebra Survival Guides and Algebra Survival Guide Workbooks for all of our teachers because these books provide clear explanations and practice opportunities for many topics that are often the most difficult for Algebra 1 students to understand.”
—  Joan Cox of the Memphis (TN) City Schools

“The students in my school are using the Guide because it helps them understand algebra and feel confident. I would definitely say that the format of the Guide has helped these students overcome their anxiety about math.”
— Sarah Pearce, Directress, Milwaukee Montessori School

The Algebra Survival Guide is a go-to book for me as a teacher. I can see it being of great benefit for students too. Funny, well written and covers all of the essentials for Algebra.
—  Jackie B. Schneider

The Algebra Survival Program is absolutely the best teaching tool we have found in working with students preparing for Algebra. Great foundational skills organized in a useful way with good explanations that are easy to follow.
—  Learnability (Amazon Review)
“The Algebra Survival Program speaks to students in a language they can understand.”
— Mary Gambrel, 7th grade regular and honors math teacher, Amarillo, Texas

“Everything you always wanted to know about algebra — and MORE —written in a style that anyone can understand. I recommend this book to teachers, students and parents.”
— Eleanor Ortiz, former algebra teacher and President of the New Mexico State Board of Education

“I like the Guide so much that at Parents Night I copied the book’s order form and gave it out to all the parents of my students.”
— Linda Barkley, math teacher, Sacred Heart School, Dearborn, MI

Our Offer:

From now through June 30, both components of the Algebra Survival Program — the Algebra Survival Guide and Workbook — are available to schools at an across-the-boards 40% discount! And the Teacher’s Grading Guide is FREE for any school that purchases the Workbooks.

Schools qualify for the 40% discount when they purchase just $50 in pre-discount retail value of ASP products. Just one Guide and one set of Workbooks brings you to this plateau!

And any school that buys $100 or more of ASP products will receive both the 40% DISCOUNT and a FREE LIVE SKYPE WORKSHOP for the school’s faculty, by ASP creator Josh Rappaport.

The approximately 30-minute workshop provides expert tips on how schools can reap the greatest benefit from the Algebra Survival Program. Each workshop also features a Q&A segment in which teachers describe their biggest algebra-teaching challenges and Josh offers concrete suggestions to help them.

These workshops will be hosted over the summer, and in the first weeks of the fall 2015 school year.

Need More Info Before You Purchase?

— Suggested Purchases —

Full curriculum or plug-in curriculum:  Purchase one Guide and one Workbook per student, plus one Guide for the teacher.

Work for Advanced Students or for Remediation:  Purchase one Guide and one Workbook per student in the program, plus one Guide for the teacher.

Help for Students who have Missed Lessons:  Purchase two Guides per class, and as many Workbooks as you need.

Resource for Teacher Trainings:  One Guide per teacher.

Tutoring Programs:  One Guide for each student-tutor and a pack of Workbooks so you have one available for each student.

Parental Support:  One Guide for every parent. Some schools have each parent pay for his/her Guide.

Summer Programs:  One Guide and one Workbook for each student. Also one Guide and Workbook for the Program Coordinator.