Algebra Survival Workbook, 1st Edition

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Algebra Survival Guide Workbook
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The Algebra Survival Guide Workbook presents thousands of practice problems (and their answers) to help students master algebra.

The problems are keyed to the pages of the Algebra Survival Guide, so that students can find detailed instructions and then work the sets. Each problem set focuses like a laser beam on one algebra skill to ensure the student thoroughly understands that concept before moving on.

The Workbook can be used as a supplement to ANY algebra text as problem sets are organized by topic. Reproducible pages make great tests or quizzes in the classroom.

Watch this video to learn how the Workbook complements the Algebra Survival Guide to create a friendly and clear program for learning.




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Trust me when I say this the best Algebra guide on the market. I know because I tried them all (no joke.) As an adult, who never had Algebra in high school, I was not prepared for it in college. And there are few college courses that go all the way back to the beginning, mine expected that you already had basic algebra fundamentals.
The Guide along with the Workbook, actually replaced my textbook. The textbook was simply put, confusing, and unrelatable. The guide, and workbook were lifesavers for me. The clear, precise and easy to understand examples clarified much of what confused me. And associating all of the properties and laws to analogies worked liked a charm. In fact, I soon learned I knew th properties and laws better than my classmates and began using the analogies to explain them so they to could remember all the little tricks this guide taught me.
The Algebra Survival Guide is a go to book for me as a teacher. I can see it being of great benefit as a student too. Funny, well written and covers all of the essentials for Algebra.
Absolutely the best book we have found in working with students preparing for Algbra. Great foundational skills organized in a useful way with good explanations that are easy to follow.

I purchased the Algebra Survival guide and the workbook for my sons who would be taking Algebra in 8th grade. They easily completed the entire book over the summer. The survival guide is easy to understand. The Emergency Fact sheet will be a great reference. They will sail through Algebra this year. I highly recommend these books as a prelude to classroom Algebra for all students.


By Mary O. Paddock

I’ll bet a lot of mothers have hugged this author.

I’m a homeschooler, and I’m also math challenged so teaching algebra was a nightmare.

Enter the Algebra Survival Guide and Workbook. Combined, these two are an unbeatable teaching tool. Each lesson carefully builds on the concepts you learned previously, just a few problems at a time, with only one or two steps added. If you are a homeschooler, you should add this tool to your arsenal.

Check out the Algebra Survival Guide. It’s the instruction guide
that explains how to do all the problems in the Workbook!




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