Algebra Survival Workbooks — Bundle of 30 Shrink-wrapped Wkbks.

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Welcome back to the Algebra Survival Program, special offer for private schools.

On this page you can purchase Algebra Survival Workbooks in shrink-wrapped bundles of 30 Wkbks. You will receive 1 Teacher’s Edition Grading Guide, FREE, for each bundle of 30 Workbooks ordered.

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You will receive, for FREE, 1 Teacher’s Edition Grading Guide for each 30-pack ordered.

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CONSUMABLE Algebra Survival Workbooks

Student Edition Shrink-wrapped Bundle of 30 Wkbks.

Equip EVERY STUDENT in your class, school, or district with consumable Algebra Survival Workbooks. The Workbooks contain problem sets keyed to the lessons of the Algebra Survival Guide. Each page is perforated, and the entire Workbook is 3-hole-punched for student binders. Great for tests, quizzes, homework, concept checks.

Free with each 30-Pack — 1 Teacher’s Edition Grading Guide

Grade students’ work with maximum ease. The Teacher’s Edition Grading Guide posts all answers right next to the problems in easily viewed boxes, for quick and easy grading. Usually, $4.95. Now FREE with every bundle of 30 Workbooks.

Algebra Survival Guide Algebra Survival Program SPECIAL


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