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This ONLINE CLASS rockets children to mastery over the rules for positive and negative numbers. Using the text of PreAlgebra Blastoff!, author and homeschooling father Josh Rappaport guides students through the book’s creative yet thorough curriculum. In this ONLINE CLASS, students will learn all of the rules for for combining + & – numbers by working with engaging foam manipulatives that represent the concepts of –1, 0, and + 1. The approach is at once visual, hands-on and story-based. Employing this range of instructional methods, this class ensures that every child has a way to grasp the vexing + & – number rules that guard the gateway to PreAlgebra and all higher math.

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For many students, the biggest PreAlgebra headache is combining positive and negative numbers.

At first glance, such problems [like  – 7 + 2 or  – 4 – (- 9) ] appear deceptively simple, like basic arithmetic. But since these problems mix negative numbers with positive numbers, and because three separate rules guide the simplifying process, many students get befuddled.

Enter PreAlgebra Blastoff! and this ONLINE CLASS, based on the book.


Blastoff!, devoted solely to the rules for positive and negative numbers, uses creative and rock-solid techniques. To engage the imagination, the book first animates the concepts of + 1, – 1 and 0, turning each one into a cartoon character:  the good-guy POSITons and NEGATons, and the evil genius ZERObi. This animation makes the concepts interesting and engaging.

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The book then depicts these characters in a 16-page, full-color comic book story that both entertains and demonstrates how the rules work. Here’s a sample frame from the comic book.


To make the instruction hands-on, Blastoff! provides 70 interlocking foam manipulatives, shaped just like the cartoon characters.

Students work with these manipulatives, along with detailed visual instructions, WorkSheets and WorkMats. Using the manipulatives, students solve problem after problem, following the step-by-step approach. Here’s one step from an instruction page:


In this six-session ONLINE CLASS, students are guided through the entire PreAlgebra Blastoff! curriculum by book author, Josh Rappaport. On successfully completing the class, students will have mastery over positive and negative numbers, an achievement that prepares them for the challenges of any PreAlgebra curriculum.

A homeschooling father, Josh also is a master teacher, math tutor, and the author of five books on math, including the Parents Choice award-winning Algebra Survival Guide … but most importantly, an all- around fun, friendly guy.

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Depending on the number of students enrolling, we may open up more than one section of this class. But each section will be limited to just 10 students, to ensure the instruction is accessible to all.

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