PreAlgebra Blastoff!



This amazing book truly has it all!

Within the 96 pages of this book — which thoroughly teaches the rules for combining positive and negative numbers — you will discover:

— a 16-PAGE, FULL-COLOR COMIC-BOOK STORY that animates the concepts of +1, – 1 and 0 as sci-fi characters from the “Planet Proto.”

“DISCUSSION SPARKERS” so your post-comic-book discussion blasts off into exciting realms.

—  120 FOAM MANIPULATIVES that allow children to literally “grasp” the concepts of positive and negative numbers, work with and use them to answer complex Pre-Algebra problems.

—  Three separate WORKMATS serving as the boards students use to work out the problems.

—  Fully illustrated INSTRUCTIONS for solving the problems with the manipulatives.

—  Fully illustrated INSTRUCTIONS for going further and solving problems using paper and pencil, based on the understanding learned from the manipulatives.

—  560 PRACTICE PROBLEMS reinforcing students’ understanding (all answers provided in the back) — and — in case that’s not enough …

—  a FULL-COLOR “Escape from ZERObia” BOARD GAME that lets students play their way to deeper understanding.

Explore for yourself by looking at this sampler of pages.
PreAlgebra Blastoff sampler

PreAlgebra Blastoff! retails for $14.95, but you can get it for $12.95 through the end of April. Act NOW for this special offer!

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