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The Mistake Journal

by Josh Rappaport

The Mistake Journal product helps educators teach students how to learn from their mistakes.

Singing Turtle’s PDF file contains all of the following:  1) info on how the product developed and how it works, 2) a re-useable Mistake Journal template, 3)  a rubric for evaluating Mistake Journal entries, 4)  four authentic Mistake Journals entries, filled out by students.

The Mistake Journal program can be used to help students learn from their mistakes in any subject, not only in mathematics. Check it out, for free. This product can make a world of difference and can help students develop a more open and appreciative attitude toward their mistakes.

How to Download The Mistake Journal

Just add it to your “Shopping Cart,” go through the checkout process, and click “Place Order.” The next screen will say: “Order Details.” Click on the “Download file” on this screen — just under “Mistake Journal,” and the game file will download onto your computer.

If you order books along with the Mistake Journal, you’ll go through the same process described above, but with one difference. This time you will receive a “Thanks for your order” notification. Once you get this notification, click on “Return to Singing Turtle Press,” and you will be taken back to “Order Details.” Then click on “Download file” — just under “Mistake Journal,” and the file will download onto your computer.